Would you like to see hundreds more cars on Main Street?

Did you know that a big developer plans to plop a massive, 5.4-acre, multi-story complex in the middle of our little town, turning it overnight into a little city, with city nightlife and city problems?

Incredible but true: with traffic already backed up most of the day, and empty storefronts on Main Street, the developer plans to build even more shops, restaurants, bars, and some 230 new rental apartments, which will mean hundreds more cars day and night.

You assume they’ve considered the effect on Chatham’s residents, traffic, policing, schools, etc? Nope. They say they’ll get to that “eventually.”

Do you think our Borough Council should proceed blindly, assuming that this is what you want – and hoping for the best – or would it be wiser to stop and consider the risks, consequences and alternatives before it’s too late?

Come to the neighborhood meeting, this Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019 from 2:45 PM to 4:30 PM in the big Lundt Meeting Room in the basement of the Chatham Library at 214 Main Street.

All Chatham residents, property owners and business owners are welcome.