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Can our Mayor still save Chatham’s Post Office Plaza?

In June 2021, Mayor Kobylarz settled a lawsuit that sought to impose a big apartment block on the Bradley properties on the west end of Main Street. He settled that case by committing our Borough to many other obligations – including commitments for Post Office Plaza, just off Main – in exchange for a temporary break from similar litigation and the promise of a few units of affordable housing.

In effect, the Mayor temporarily preserved one small part of Main Street –  and only until 2025 –  by promoting rampant over development that will increase traffic, and compromise the quality of life in our whole town forever.

(Drop down to Civil Part. Enter Case County: Morris, Docket type: Civil Part (L),    Docket Number: 1906, Year: 15. Then hit Search).

  • Listen to what the Mayor’s planner Kendra Lelie told the judge – under oath – at an Aug. 6 hearing: (Code: 1234. Requires Windows.)


It’s time to face reality – and insist on clear answers:

  • What changes is the Mayor required to make to the Post Office Plaza Redevelopment Plan by January 1, 2022? (See the June 14 settlement agreement, p. 6, Section 8. b. iii.)
  • How can the Mayor meet the public demand to preserve the dedicated, free, open, surface public, Borough-owned and controlled parking on almost 2.2 acres of Borough land in POP?
  • When will the Mayor exercise the “or” clause in Sec. 8. b. iii, and try to get a better deal that would preserve 100% of the public land in Post Office Plaza, and NOT include a parking deck?
  • When will the Mayor consider creative ways to provide more affordable housing, such as converting existing housing and vacant commercial space on Main Street?
  • Is it still possible for the Mayor to turn POP into a public park and surface parking lot, as suggested by community leader Fran Drew?
  • What options, if any, do we still have for Post office Plaza?

Come hear our Mayor, Borough Council, and Planner face those questions and more at the next Council meeting, this Monday, September 27, 2021, 7:30 pm at Borough Hall, 54 Fairmount Avenue, third floor.

(Start at minute 29:46.)