Two choices

You want to spruce up Post Office Plaza and meet our affordable housing requirements?

There are essentially two ways to do it:

1) sacrifice our convenient, surface, public parking lot and let a developer build a commercial project that will turn downtown Chatham into a crowded, traffic nightmare, or else

2) satisfy the affordable housing quota by subsidizing 15 existing apartments, and pretty up POP as WE see fit, while preserving our popular surface public parking,

Which option sounds better to you? Not sure? You need to see them? Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

The developer-driven option would look something like this:

That’s best we can tell from what little has been revealed about the most recent known proposal. (Think it’s off in any way? E-mail Details at:

The second, far more moderate option would look something like this:

Above shows a great proposal by longtime Chatham community leader Fran Drew, to make Post Office Plaza more attractive and useful without sacrificing our convenient public parking or clogging our streets with additional traffic.

Fran Drew’s proposal is a far better fit for Chatham Borough, and it complements the sensible, moderate, kind way to provide affordable housing. More information:

Is the Council even considering the sensible, moderate, kind approach to POP? The Mayor won’t say!

Will we get stuck with the developer’s choice anyway? We’ll know on April 18, when the Council votes on it!

To see the five proposals under consideration, come to a special Town Hall meeting:

Wednesday, March 30, 7:30 pm, Chatham Middle School auditorium, 480 Main Street