The clock is ticking

Friends & Neighbors,

Chatham Borough now faces the biggest decision in its long history: the fate of Post Office Plaza.  

Our Mayor & Council are set to reveal the options this Monday, April 18th, and hold a FINAL VOTE only two weeks later, on May 2nd

That is not enough time to think about – much less let us residents comment on – a decision that will affect all of us and generations to follow. 

Please help the Mayor & Council get this one right. 

1. Sign this letter:, which asks the Mayor & Council to include a broad range of proposals on the menu of voting options. 

2. Alert friends & neighbors: Cut, copy and forward this by e-mail or text, and share it on social media.

3. Bring friends & neighbors to the Town Hall this Monday, April 18, 7:30 pm, Chatham Middle School auditorium, 480 Main Street. 

4. E-mail the Mayor & Council (

  • Ask them to give themselves more time to think – and consider what we residents want – before voting (June 1 is not a hard & fast deadline – see link here;
  • Insist that they include on the menu of voting options a broad range of proposals for Post Office Plaza – at least one that does not involve new construction, or impinge on our public parking lot (such as Market-to-Affordable).