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What’s that huge thing going up on River Road in Chatham Borough??


After the Council approved the Plan for River Road, things got real. .

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to come:



Want to see massive overdevelopment like that all over town? Re-elect Karen Koronkiewicz

Like a dog with a bone

Looks like the Kushners will never give up trying to seize control of Chatham’s Post Office Plaza.

They’re still kicking and screaming to a Morris County Judge, even after he denied them standing, our Mayor announced the timetable for a better plan for that spot, the Borough Council voted to backstop the cost up to $6 million, and the Special Master seemed satisfied.


The Kushner partnership SV and FSHC are trying to re-litigate the same issue the judge decided at the last hearing:

On October 12 they filed this with the court:

On October 21 they demanded that the court reconsider its decision:

Check our what Chatham counsel Jonathan Drill has to say about all that:

FSHC is on their side:

Will the judge do the right thing again? See for yourself! Monday, Nov. 7, 10:00 am, Morris County Court House, Morristown, NJ

Why $6 Million?

Why would the Borough Council vote to backstop the POP project to the tune of up to $6 million?

Here’s why Chatham is bonding $6 million for a 15-unit housing project.

Here’s a copy of the report by the Special Master:

Last Act?

Has Chatham met its obligation to allow affordable housing in the Borough, including Post Office Plaza?

We’ve done everything on the punch list. Now a judge will decide if that’s enough.

Come see for yourself: Monday November 7, 10:00 am, in Court Room 151, Morris County Court House, 56 Washington Street, Morristown, NJ,