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Crunch time

Traffic. Crashes. Noise. Pollution. Crime.

Our Zoning Board is under pressure to waive 19 laws to allow a new owner to add a busy convenience store to the gas station at the most dangerous intersection on Main Street, making it even less pedestrian friendly.

The Board could vote as soon as this Thursday, and without your support there’s no telling how it might go.

Please come to the special public meeting at 7 pm, this Thursday, February 29, at Borough Hall, 54 Fairmount Avenue.

(Use the side entrance. Take the elevator to the upper level, Council Chambers.)*

*The author has chosen to abstain from participating in or voting on this issue in her capacity as an alternate member of the Historic Preservation Commission.

Overdevelopment Emergency

Please share with friends around the state:

The dominant political party in Trenton is trying to rush through a state law that would trigger even more reckless overdevelopment, by overriding most local control of zoning and allowing big builders to gobble up almost every town, building many more huge, high-density apartment blocks – against your wishes and at your expense.

Only you can stop this calamity. So please, drop everything. Take a moment to tell your state senator and representative to “Vote no on bill A4/S50.”

It’s easy and takes less than a minute. Simply enter your address here: or use the drop down menu to find your town here:

Also please recruit friends around the state to help contact these powerful state Senators:

What the heck is this all about? For the background, click here:

If you prefer something more concise, click here: