Great Meeting

Terrific showing at last night’s Town Hall on the reckless overdevelopment of Post Office Plaza.

Were you satisfied with the options on offer? Prefer to see a broader range of better options? Hit this link:

We’ll have another shot at it next Monday night, April 25, 7:30, when Borough lawyer Jonathan Drill returns to the Middle School auditorium to spin us with half-truths, as he did at the April 6 Zoom meeting:

Just don’t let him badger, interrupt, condescend to and bully you (as he did last night) into picking one of his options. Let’s get all the facts before making any choices.

Whatever the eventual outcome, Chatham will be far better off because of our efforts.

Best thing to do now is write a quick letter to the editor.  Give your opinion of last night’s Town Hall. Maybe mention our wonderful moderator. The Council’s failure to participate. The Mayor suddenly ending the meeting when he’d promised to go all night. Their failure to negotiate with Fran Drew as with the other bidders.

Please include this link to our petition, calling for a broad range of options:

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