Do Over

Will our Zoning Board waive the usual rules and allow the new owner of the Exxon gas station to swap out the garage for a Tigermart convenience store?


With the hearing on that application set for October 25, the owner isn’t taking any chances. Last week, he polished up his proposal, with a new design.

Though not yet posted on the Borough website, the new design addresses some shortcomings identified by the Historic Preservation Commission at its September public meeting.*

One such concern was the fate of the tall, lovely evergreen at the NW corner of the lot.

Summer 2023: A bright spot in the Historic District for the past two decades

After the HPC expressed its concerns, that tree vanished, down to the roots.

Oct. 11, 2023: Gone forever

Will the Historic Preservation Commission accept that? We’ll find out at the Commission’s October 17 public meeting. Here are the standards:

Whatever the HPC recommends, the ultimate fate of the proposed Tigermart convenience store is in the hands of the Zoning Board.

The Zoning Board hearing on the Exxon application is set for October 25, 7:30 pm on the upper level of Borough Hall at 54 Fairmount Avenue.

This hearing is your chance to get the facts, ask questions, and comment on the proposal BEFORE the Zoning Board decides whether or not to waive our normal zoning rules to allow the addition of a convenience store to the Main Street Exxon station. Everyone is welcome to attend.

* The author has elected not to vote or otherwise participate in this matter in her capacity as an alternate commissioner.

3 thoughts on “Do Over

    1. Pros:
      1. Current site is an eyesore and (if the pics are accurate) the proposed site could be an improvement if it’s not lit up like a Xmas tree.
      2. Nearby neighbors (walking distance?) might like the convenience of a store…maybe. Who knows.

      1. Will this encourage loitering? Look at Quick Check in Madison. We don’t want a bench near this place. Why is it in the picture? Who is going to sit there and drink their soda?
      2. Traffic – The intersection is already an accident waiting to happen. Increased traffic will not help the situation and just extend the number of hours per day that we have chaos there.
      3. Trash & noise go hand in hand with a store like this.

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