Great News

Yesterday morning, after three tense public hearings, Morris County Superior Court Judge Stephan Hansbury soundly rejected the Kushners’ brazen attempt to cram an unpopular 100-rental unit project on mostly public land behind our Main Street Post Office.

That decision frees Chatham Borough to meet part of its affordable housing requirements by building a 15-unit apartment house there, as our Mayor & Council voted on May 2.

For a quick summary, watch the video of Mayor Kobylarz’s comments in this Tap story:

For details, check out the records at e-courts, culminating in this final court order finding Chatham in compliance with its affordable housing obligations through September 29, 2026:

Will the Kushners accept that outcome and let Chatham build some affordable housing at Post Office Plaza, or will they continue to sue, appeal, and otherwise try to block progress? Stay tuned here and at this FB group:

2 thoughts on “Great News

  1. Hallelujah!
    Thank you, Brigid, and all the Chatham residents who stayed focused on this and slogged through borough meetings to protect our town from that monstrous four-story blight that had been planned.

  2. Has everyone seen the behemoth that’s being constructed on the corner of Watchung Avenue and River Road? Why would Chatham have any additional low income housing required?

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